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In 1997, a group of local residents led by Glen Douglas approached Superintendent Jack Welch, and asked that Frontier as well as other area schools to do away with their mascots, which they deemed "offensive" to residents of Native American descent. The local schools of Mohawk (Warriors), Turners Falls (Indians), and Ware (Indians) all ignored the plea for a name change. However, Frontier (Redskins) did not, and the Frontier School Committee voted to remove the Redskin mascot and delete any reference to the term. There was much opposition, as the term ‘Redskin’ was a symbol of 44 years of honor and tradition.  Thus started an over two-year struggle as to what the name should be. The debate outlasted numerous votes, student polls, and lawsuits, and a name could still not be decided on. In 1997 and 1998 students were polled as to what they wanted their new mascot to be, and in both years the majority of students ignored the choices and wrote in their current mascot.  Eventually in 2000, the name was removed, and the school was labeled with the mascot ‘Redhawk’, with the 2001-2002 school year the first year the name was used.

A message from Spain

...and of course who could forget Scott Ellis, a message from Spain.

Dear Class of '97,

  I've been asked to say what I liked about Frontier.  Well I think that it is an impossible task to cram five years into a short letter.  I will try to summarize it into two words: tradition and memories.  Frontier  is the typical home town school, where everybody goes to the basketball game on Friday night and shows their school spirit through events like Booster Week.  Frontier shall be in my memories for the rest of my life.  I grew up from a boy to a man within those old walls.  My last words to Frontier shall be in my second language "Fue de put madre"

     Scott Ellis 

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